Vladimir the Crimson Reaper

Mage Tank
  • Attack Damage
    55 ( + 3 )
  • Attack Speed
    0.658 ( +0%)
  • Attack Range
  • Critical Hit Chance
    0 ( + 0 )
  • HP
    537 ( + 96 )
  • HP Regeneration
    7 ( + 0.6 )
  • Armor
    23 ( + 3.3 )
  • Magic Resistance
    30 ( + 0.5 )
  • Mana
    2 ( + 0 )
  • Mana Regenration
    0 ( + 0 )
  • Move Speed
  • Crimson Pact
    Crimson Pact

    Every 40 points of bonus Health gives Vladimir 1 Ability Power and every 1 point of Ability Power gives Vladimir 1.4 bonus Health (does not stack with itself).

  • Transfusion
    • Cost: No Cost
    • Range: 600

    Vladimir steals life from the target enemy. When Vladimir's resource is full, Transfusion will benefit from massively increased damage and healing for a brief time.

    Vladimir drains the lifeforce of his target, dealing 80/100/120/140/160 (+60% Ability Power) magic damage and healing himself for 20/25/30/35/40 (+35% Ability Power) health. After casting Transfusion twice, Vladimir gains Crimson Rush the next time it becomes available to cast.
    Crimson Rush: Vladimir is briefly hasted and for the next 2.5 seconds Transfusion deals 85% increased damage and heals for an additional 0 plus 5% (+[0]%) of his missing health (empowered heal has 35% effectiveness against minions).

  • Sanguine Pool
    Sanguine Pool
    • Cost: 20% of current Health
    • Range: 350

    Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood, becoming untargetable for 2 seconds. Additionally, enemies on the pool are slowed and Vladimir siphons life from them.

    Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood for 2 seconds, gaining a brief haste and becoming untargetable while slowing enemies above him by 40%.Vladimir deals 80/135/190/245/300 (+15% of bonus Health) [10% of bonus Health] magic damage over the duration and heals himself for 15% of that amount.Sanguine Pool can be cast while charging Tides of Blood.

  • Tides of Blood
    Tides of Blood
    • Cost: Channeling Cost 8% of max Health
    • Range: 600

    Vladimir pays his own health to charge up a reservoir of blood which, when released, deals damage in the area around him but can be blocked by enemy units.

    First Cast: Vladimir charges up a reservoir of blood, spending up to 8% of his max Health (0) to increase this spell's damage. While at full charge, Vladimir is slowed.
    Second Cast: Vladimir unleashes a nova of blood at surrounding enemies which deals between 30/45/60/75/90 (+0) (+35% Ability Power) and null (+0) (+80% Ability Power) magic damage and, at full charge, briefly slows by 40/45/50/55/60%. Targets hit block a portion of the nova.Tides of Blood will release automatically if held for more than 1.5 seconds.

  • Hemoplague
    • Cost: No Cost
    • Range: 625

    Vladimir infects an area with a virulent plague. Affected enemies take increased damage for the duration. After a few seconds, Hemoplague deals magic damage to infected enemies and heals Vladimir for each enemy Champion hit.

    Vladimir infects enemies in a target area with a virulent plague, causing them to take 10% increased damage from all sources for 4 seconds.After 4 seconds, Vladimir deals 150/250/350 (+70% Ability Power) magic damage to all infected targets. If Hemoplague damages an enemy Champion, Vladimir heals himself for 0 (+0), plus 50% for each Champion beyond the first.

Vladimir Ally Tips
  • Transfusion instantly deals damage to the enemy before healing Vladimir, making it one of the best last hitting tools in the game.
  • Cast Hemoplague where it will afflict the most units.
  • Sanguine Pool pops incoming missiles, so it can be used to dodge disables.
  • Strong against:
Vladimir Enemy Tips
  • Try to take Vladimir down before Hemoplague detonates, as it will heal him for each afflicted enemy Champion.
  • Making Vladimir use Sanguine Pool at the start of a fight will maximize the Health cost of the ability to him.
  • Items that counter Health stacking, such as Liandry's Torment and Blade of the Ruined King, are very effective against Vladimir.
  • Counter for Vladimir:
A fiend with a thirst for mortal blood, Vladimir has influenced the affairs of Noxus since the empire's earliest days. In addition to unnaturally extending his life, his mastery of hemomancy allows him to control the minds and bodies of others as easily as his own. In the flamboyant salons of the Noxian aristocracy, this has enabled him to build a fanatical cult of personality around himself—while in the lowest back alleys, it allows him to bleed his enemies dry.