Zac the Secret Weapon

Tank Fighter
  • Attack Damage
    60 ( + 3.4 )
  • Attack Speed
    0.638 ( +0%)
  • Attack Range
  • Critical Hit Chance
    0 ( + 0 )
  • HP
    615 ( + 95 )
  • HP Regeneration
    8 ( + 0.5 )
  • Armor
    33 ( + 3.5 )
  • Magic Resistance
    32 ( + 1.25 )
  • Mana
    0 ( + 0 )
  • Mana Regenration
    0 ( + 0 )
  • Move Speed
  • Cell Division
    Cell Division

    Each time Zac hits an enemy with an ability, he sheds a chunk of himself that can be reabsorbed to restore Health. Upon taking fatal damage, Zac splits into 4 bloblets that attempt to recombine. If any bloblets remain, he will revive with an amount of Health depending on the Health of the surviving bloblets. Each bloblet has a percentage of Zac's maximum Health, Armor and Magic Resistance. This ability has a 5 minute cooldown.

  • Stretching Strikes
    Stretching Strikes
    • Cost: 8% of current Health
    • Range: 800

    Zac stretches an arm, grabbing an enemy. Attacking a different enemy will cause him to throw both targets towards each other.

    Zac's arm stretches and grabs the first enemy it hits, dealing 30/40/50/60/70 (+30% Ability Power) (+0) magic damage and briefly slowing them. Zac's next basic attack is replaced with a long range smack that repeats the initial magic damage and slow effect.If Zac grabs a different enemy with each attack he'll throw them towards each other, dealing 30/40/50/60/70 (+30% Ability Power) (+0) magic damage in an area if they collide.

  • Unstable Matter
    Unstable Matter
    • Cost: 4% of current Health
    • Range: 350

    Zac's body erupts, damaging nearby enemies.

    Zac's body erupts, dealing 15/30/45/60/75 magic damage +4/5/6/7/8% of the enemy's max health as magic damage to nearby enemies.Absorbing Goo reduces Unstable Matter's cooldown by 1 second.Max health damage is capped at 200 versus minions and monsters.

  • Elastic Slingshot
    Elastic Slingshot
    • Cost: 4% of current Health
    • Range: 300

    Zac attaches his arms to the ground and stretches back, launching himself forward.

    First cast: Zac faces the cursor and charges up over 0.9/1/1.1/1.2/1.3 seconds.
    Second cast: Launches Zac towards a location, knocking up nearby enemies for 0 to 0 seconds (based on charge time) and dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+90% Ability Power) magic damage. Zac spawns extra chunks of Goo for each enemy champion hit.Can be cancelled by moving, refunding half of the ability's cooldown and cost.

  • Let's Bounce!
    Let's Bounce!
    • Cost: No Cost
    • Range: 300

    Zac flattens himself, making him immune to crowd control while slowing enemies standing on top of him. When he decides to bounce away, he will suck up any enemies standing on top of him, taking them for a ride.

    First cast: Zac squishes himself down, making him immune to Crowd Control for up to 2.5 seconds. Enemies standing on top of him are slowed by 30/40/50%.
    Second cast: Charging for at least 0 seconds before recasting causes Zac to scoop up enemies on top of him, carrying them towards a location. Upon landing nearby enemies take 150/250/350 (+90% Ability Power) magic damage and are briefly slowed.Reactivating before Zac charges up knocks back nearby enemies instead.

Zac Ally Tips
  • Picking up goo chunks is very important to staying alive.
  • When Cell Division is ready, try to die in a position that makes it difficult for the enemy team to kill your bloblets.
  • Charging Elastic Slingshot from the fog of war will give opponents less time to react.
  • Strong against:
Zac Enemy Tips
  • Zac heals from the goo that separates from him. You can crush the goo pieces by stepping on them.
  • Kill all of Zac's bloblets when he splits apart to stop him from reforming.
  • Silences, stuns, roots and knockups will all interrupt Zac when he is charging Elastic Slingshot.
  • Counter for Zac:
Zac is the product of a toxic spill that ran through a chemtech seam and pooled in an isolated cavern deep in Zaun's Sump. Despite such humble origins, Zac has grown from primordial ooze into a thinking being who dwells in the city's pipes, occasionally emerging to help those who cannot help themselves or to rebuild the broken infrastructure of Zaun.