Xayah the Rebel

  • Attack Damage
    60 ( + 2.9 )
  • Attack Speed
    0.625 ( +0%)
  • Attack Range
  • Critical Hit Chance
    0 ( + 0 )
  • HP
    561 ( + 86 )
  • HP Regeneration
    3.25 ( + 0.75 )
  • Armor
    28 ( + 3 )
  • Magic Resistance
    30 ( + 0.5 )
  • Mana
    340 ( + 40 )
  • Mana Regenration
    8.25 ( + 0.75 )
  • Move Speed
  • Clean Cuts
    Clean Cuts

    After using an ability, Xayah's next few basic attacks will hit all enemies along their path and dropping Feathers she can recall.

  • Double Daggers
    Double Daggers
    • Cost: 50 Mana
    • Range: 400

    Xayah throws two damaging daggers that also drop Feathers she can recall.

    Xayah throws two knives dealing 0 (+0) physical damage and leaving two Feathers. Targets hit after the first take 50% damage.

  • Deadly Plumage
    Deadly Plumage
    • Cost: 60/55/50/45/40 Mana
    • Range: 1000

    Xayah creates a storm of blades that increase her basic attack speed and damage while granting her movement speed if she attacks a champion.

    Xayah creates a storm of blades for 4 seconds that grant her 30/35/40/45/50% attack speed and cause her basic attacks to strike an additional time for 20% damage. If Deadly Plumage strikes an enemy champion, allies under the effects of Deadly Plumage gain 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds.If Rakan is nearby he will also gain the effects of Deadly Plumage.

  • Bladecaller
    • Cost: 40 Mana
    • Range: 2000

    Xayah calls back all her dropped Feathers dealing damage and rooting enemies.

    Xayah calls all Feathers back to her, dealing 55/65/75/85/95 (+0) (+0) physical damage to enemies they pass through (Increased by Critical Strike Chance).Hitting an enemy with 3 Feathers roots them for 1 second.Minions take 50% damage from Bladecaller.

  • Featherstorm
    • Cost: 100 Mana
    • Range: 450

    Xayah leaps into the air becoming untargetable and throwing out a fan of daggers, dropping Feathers she can recall.

    Xayah leaps into the air becoming untargetable. She then rains down daggers which deal 100/150/200 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and leave behind a line of Feathers.Xayah can move while in the air.

Xayah Ally Tips
  • Xayah's attacks and abilities leave Feathers on the ground that she can later recall for massive area damage and control.
  • Xayah can use Featherstorm to dodge almost any ability while also creating a ton of Feathers. Try to utilize the offensive and defensive aspects of this ability.
  • Strong against:
Xayah Enemy Tips
  • Xayah's Bladecaller will only root targets hit by 3 or more returning Feathers.
  • Long fights in the same area with Xayah will allow her to drop a lot of Feathers. Try to stay on the move!
  • Make sure you are ready when you go for the kill. Untargetability from Featherstorm can quickly turn an ambush in Xayah's favor.
  • Counter for Xayah:
Deadly and precise, Xayah is a vastayan revolutionary waging a personal war to save her people. She uses her speed, guile, and razor-sharp feather blades to cut down anyone who stands in her way. Xayah fights alongside her partner and lover, Rakan, to protect their dwindling tribe, and restore their race to her vision of its former glory.